Creating An Artist Brand: 5 Steps To Help You Get Started

Creating An Artist Brand: 5 Steps To Help You Get Started

How To Create An Artist Brand

5 Steps That Will Help You Get Started.

The music industry has and forever will be characterized by the changing landscapes adapting within the crossroads of technological evolution. The advancement of streaming services has standardized a new revenue model for artists - one where music sales and royalties are rarely the primary sources for income. The result? Artists nowadays need to position themselves not just from a music standpoint, but look at the greater importance of their brand and what it means for opportunities in the future. 

In order to make a name for yourself in today’s saturated music scene, you need to create a unique and memorable brand that will define who you are and what you represent. Many of the most successful music artists have created their own brands and developed an effective strategy for how they present themselves to the world. In this article, we’ll explore some of those strategies, and what made them catalysts towards a successful career.


1) Ask Yourself: Why Do You Want To Be an Artist?

Before building your brand, you need to answer one of the most significant questions foundational to your future music career: "Why do you want to be an artist?" Take some time for introspection, as many are often quick to reference their natural talent, adept skills, years of music history, or entertainment idols. However, if you don't possess an answer outside these four aspects, you haven't found your answer. Ask yourself what it is about the music industry and being an artist that makes you want to pursue this career path. This will help guide the decisions that come next and give you a better idea of how your brand should represent the values that you hold dear.


2) Understand What You Stand For

Identify what else drives you. Your values, interests, and passions all culminate into the kind of artist brand you should try to build. If you're an eccentric fan of your hometown sports team, have an interesting taste of pets, or have an irresistible craving for pineapple, these can always be embodied through your brand in different ways.


3) Define Your Difference

Your brand needs to own an unmistakable sense of identity, and that begins with finding your niche. When you're starting out, it can be challenging or intimidating to carve out a unique sound, especially when so many others try to emulate what's currently popular or trending. Here are a few questions to explore: How does your music make people feel? What is something about your music that will still be different from everything else two, five, or ten years from now? What can you do better than anyone else? The answers to these questions will give you a clearer sense of who you are as an artist and what sets you apart from everybody else in the scene.


4) Learn The Power of Vulnerability

In today’s western society, it has often been exhibited that the very best are often invincible, and to be the best, you must emulate the power and indomitable strength presented by some of our favorite music idols. 

However, as an upcoming artist, putting on a front actually can do more harm than good. Music fans want to feel like they know you for who you are, not just what your music sounds like. When someone knows that you are vulnerable and shares those vulnerabilities with them—whether through lyrics or through personal stories shared via social media—they will connect with you on another level and recognize the authenticity of who you are as an artist.


5) Don't Let The Trends Define You

Trends come and go every day. From an artist’s perspective, this can be a blessing and a curse. While it opens an exciting opportunity to experiment with new sounds and styles, it also creates chances for your sound to get lost among the redundancy. If you start only shifting because that’s what seems popular today, you could risk losing the uniqueness of your brand and your sound. 

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